The People of Tweek

Get a look inside the international team of Tweek, a machine learning startup based in Berlin, Germany.


Marcel Duee

Founder / Business


Sven Koerbitz

Founder / Product


Geoffroy Gobert

Ruby Developer


Fernando Agar

Architect & Developer


Mattias Hemmingsson

UX Design & Front-end


Luiz Kowalski

Ruby & Java Developer


Mattia Dimauro

Machine Learning & Developer

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What do you like about working at Tweek?

Geoffroy - Here at Tweek I’ve got a lot of responsibilities, therefore I can arrange my work load flexibly. This is of course needed when facing the different technical aspects of my work.

We are a small but intimate team here, consisting of kind and energetic colleagues, with whom it is always a pleasure to try out the different culinary offerings of Kastanienallee - Prenzlauer Berg. On top of that, there are always enough drinks, fruits and sweets in the fridge. And when the day was long and hard, it is always relaxing to share a beer with your colleagues in our chill area.

Fernando - I like that the communication between management and the Dev team is really fluid and they really ask the team how to solve problems instead of just imposing solutions and pushing dates.

I also like that we encourage “learn it” over “just do it” by offering a huge variety of international training courses. This way, I can feel very relaxed and focused on the job during work hours.

Our random discussions on Slack are a big plus also, it’s good to have a laugh and a beer every once in a while.

How do you see Berlin?

Geoffroy - I live in Neukölln, a very multicultural melting pot of diverse and creative people, that fabricates an unique atmosphere for me. The people in Berlin are open-minded, don’t judge each other and therefore I feel free in every sense.

Berlin is still one of those big cities in the world where you have lots of free space and green places, so you can see me strolling around my Kiez a lot. You can always find new and exciting bars, clubs and galleries opening up, but also many places closing. That is the downside of gentrification.

Fernando - Berlin for me is just full of things happening… ALL. THE. TIME.

Every urban tribe, subculture or whatever you want to call it, has their place. You can go from Reggae to Rock to Jazz and Electronic music, all in one night. Any night.

It’s also fun that almost every district is self-sufficient to just do things close to where you live, but everything’s just 20-30 minutes away in case you want to go somewhere else. And the public transport really works!.

Which movies or series had the most impact on you?

Geoffroy - I love the series Breaking Bad. For the most part because I could see myself in the beginning so much in the main character (in the end not so much of course).

Otherwise I am more into documentaries, they help me to relax. Therefore I use more the Arte +7 than my Netflix account.

Fernando - My top 3 Favorite movies right now is Ex Machina, Scott Pilgrim vs The World and High Fidelity.

Top 3 TV series is House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Constantine.

It’s always hard to stick just some of them, in general I’m as much a cinephile as I am a melomaniac, so my top favorites are always changing.