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Social-data Driven Discovery for Entertainment Industries

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Build with robust Technology

Since 2010, Tweek constantly improves and increases its technology portfolio. 
Our core team is specialised in the development of data engineering and machine learning solutions empowering the entertainment world.

Enriching User Experience

Tweek increases retention and engagement for entertainment services by making content highly relevant to the audience.

Improving Core KPIs

Tweek powers data-driven business decisions in the area of service quality, churn management and content licensing by using the vast sea of data around consumer activity published on the social web in realtime.

Build for instant Time-to-Market

Tweek is build on an extensive data pool of more than 50 million cleaned social signals for movies and TV shows from more than 10 million user profiles. Tweek fills content systems with life instantly.

Social Web Analytics in Realtime

We are listening to the Social Web and offering instant personalisation of entertainment services through social network analytics.

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since Mar 12

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since Mar 12

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since Oct 12

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since Apr 15

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